MY Utilities can help you save money, time & stress!

The team at MY Utilities wake up every morning with the goal of providing top quality service and services to our clients.

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MY Utilities is founded upon the concept of ServiceSquared.

This means our customer service is second to none, and the services we provide customers to fulfill their utility service needs is also world leading.

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How can we help you

Why MY Utilities?

Are you a:

  • Property developer?
  • Body Corporate?
  • Retirement Village?
  • Residents Association?
  • Building owner/manager?
  • Commercial development?
  • Multi-tenant property?

Are you looking to save and make money on:

  • Electricity?
  • Gas?
  • Hot water?
  • EV charging?
  • Internet?

MY Utilities can help you save money, time & stress!

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